The race is a time trial with staggered starts. The trial consists of 2 courses, the first with mtb and the second by run on different distances that Athletes must choice.It can be by individual or relay


The map is approved by FISO (Federazione Italiana Sport Orientamento) for MTB in Doberdò del Lago
Scale 1:15.000  Equidistance 5m Last update on spring 2012


4 Distances

Individul and Relay:
Short: indicative time for every courses 30 min.
Middle:  indicative time for every courses 45 min.
Long: indicative time for every courses 60 min.

Family for groups (also only run course)


Technical Commitee

Race Director: Giovanna De Masellis
Paths Manager: Hechich Marirosa – Zambiasi Clizia
Transition Area Manager: Vidoz Marco
Start Managers: Anka Kuzmin e Donatella Vecchies
Arrival Manager: Cicigoi Marco
Data processing: Foschian Andrea e Mattioni Flavio
Registration Area: Simonetta De Lorenzi e Giovanna De Masellis
Firs Aid: dott. Cereatti Roberto

Food & Drinks:Fiorella Lin e Marisa Ferro


Timing service

Trasnponder SI-Card supplied by the Race Organizer


Partecipation requirements

Athletes must present a medical statement that attest they enjoy perfect health and are suitable for sporting activities.

End of regiastrations

Thursday, 21st marzo.
Athletes can register for the event the same day of the race from 8:30 to 9:15. However, the Organizer will not be able to ensure the partecipation to the event.