Sunday, April 23, 2017  Aviano -PN- ITALY


1st SOM CUP 2016 - promotional race CO (running)

Starting list


  8:30 Meeting point next to restaurant "Le Masiere"    see map 
10:00 Start first athlete race MTB-O regional championship and DUAL-O
11:00 Start first athlete  SOM Cup FOOT-O (running)
14:00 Awards

Races and categories:


DIRECT + Yellow

MW-14 + White

W40 W50 M60 e WB + Yellow

M50 W-20 MW-17 e MB + Red

MWElite M20 e M40 + Black


MTBO competitors and CO held a competition standard. Athletes DualO start instead with the fraction of MTBO. Finishers MTBO, will head to the transition area, to begin with, then the fraction of CO (running). Changing map is located going outside the transition area. Maps for the two fractions are approved for the Respective Disciplines. Athletes DualO Contribute equally to the title for the Regional Championship MTBO (if assigned by category).


By Monday, Aprile 17, 2017 through the online registration for the members FISO, for all other writing to info@semiperdo.it.
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Dual-O € 15 Adult and € 10 for Young
FISO mandatory membership at a cost of 3 € (free for minors)


Race Director: Mario Osti

Secretary: De Masellis Giovanna
Data processing: Clizia Zambiasi
Plotter: Mauro Nardi
Head out: Sabrina Romano
Responsible arrival: Enrico Ferigutti
Responsible transition area: Cristiano Colombo
Awards: Marisa Ferro


At the end of the event top three athletes of the two paths will be rewarded and all the children who participated


Each athlete will receive two detailed maps (1 per fraction) Both approved for the Respective Disciplines, a lectern to apply to the MTB and compass while stocks last.
Timing and punching eletrônica SPORTident (rental 1.5 euro)
If you have already some of these accessories bring them with you, thanks

What is Dual-O

It 'an experimental and promotional event uniting the world of Triathlon&Orienteering and that is to play the first bike and then travel a path in the woods, dirt roads and vineyards based on some references scattered along the route and reported on the ground by a "lantern." These checkpoints are to be interpreted in the manner most appropriate to a specific map.
They are athletes in every moment to choose the path that best suits their physical characteristics. It 'a discipline that requires not only strength and endurance but also tactics strategic, quick reflexes, and above 360 ° view of the brain

Flyer 2017


Le foto della 2 giorni

8 dicembre premiazioni photos.app.goo.gl/T99C4Rm4rGLdaatH6   9 dicembre photos.app.goo.gl/1BhKd75XMmAXvh4UA   Alberto Zambiasi photographer

Classifiche finali

Classifica 8 dic.pdf (81197) Split-sabato 8 dic.pdf (501762) Class def mtbo domenica.pdf (103048) Class definitiva Corsa No Dual-O .pdf (63103) Class definitiva Dual-O.pdf (83401) Split mtbo domenica.pdf (353568)    

Comunicato di gara n.2

Comunicato gara 2.pdf (44,1 kB)

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